Collected Works

This former recording studio in a Parisian suburb is no standard family home. Completely refurbished by it’s owners it is monochrome throughout, the walls and floors are concrete, painted white, and even the bathrooms are basic concrete surfaces. Functional items such as beds and seating of course exist but there is an overwhelming sense that the building has retained its utilitarian vibe in features such as the iron staircase that spans three floors, and the window frame that acts as separation between the couple’s office and master suite. Minimalism and functionality are key factors throughout and sculptress owner Nathalie takes great pride in her black and white IKEA plastic stools and the black curtains, which are actually plastic shower curtains. Besides using raw materials she is also passionate about recycling and scattered throughout are vintage items – such as original Eames and Le Corbusier seating.

Photography – © David Giles


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